About us

The beginnings

In 1974. Mr. Božić Joca started glass shop in the village of Vasica near Sid.His wife Ljubica and older sons of nine children were first to help in the business.
The glass cut to size was first carried to job site on an old bike, then with a horse and trailer, and in 1978, Mr Božić bought his first van ZASTAVA 1500 which greatly improved transport of glass to the destination.
In the same year of 1978.  due to need of greater work space family moved to the city named Sid. His glass shop, thanks to God is progressing,and beside 5-6 full time employed family members,also employs 4-5 temporary workers.

In 1982. family moved to Stari Banovci, Serbia. The glass shop was named “JORDAN” after well known River Jordan in Israel.

In 1989. upon his return from USA and Canada the youngest son Pavle Bozic takes over the business and equipped it with modern glass machines and tools for processing all types of glass.
In 1999. Pavle temporarily moved to Canada, where at 2004. founded the company Jordan Glass Art. All His life working with glass Pavle discover it to be beautiful material for making unique works of art. Items that He designed and made were exhibited with great success at the famous Canadian exhibitions such as Interio Design Show, the National Home Show and One of a Kind Show.

In 2009. Pavle returned to Serbia where he continue to design and manufacture unique items made of glass, wood, granite and metals.

Today, Jordan Glass Art produces produces glass floor clocks, all kinds of tables of various natural materials, business card holders, letter holders, glass picture frames, shelves, unique objects obtained by fusion of glass, stained glass, glass partition walls, glass showers, and anything made of glass.