Unique glass products

The new products are a unique work of art …..

These exquisite clocks are a breathtaking innovation in the crafting of quality timepieces. Apart from the brass hinges, the clock case is made almost entirely of glass of approximately 19mm thick. Each piece is meticulously hand-polished, using a water belt sander and a variety of belts. In order to achieve the high polished edge, each piece must be polished four times. This clock uses the famous German “Hermle” tubular movement to ensure accurate timekeeping and has the ability to play the Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael melody. Custom design is also available if customers wish to integrate a different type of design. Allow two months for the crafting of the clock after placing an order.

These beautiful hand crafted card holders make excellent corporate gifts while marketing your company in highly visible areas.

Each of these exquisitely made tables are tailored to your specific needs. The dimensions range up to 50”x30”. The table top is made of ¾” thick glass which makes it durable in almost any environment. Your individual designs can be incorporated into the manufacturing of the product.

Combining both contemporary elegance and intricate design, these sculptures bring an immediate identity to either your home or office.